so sick of you..

You called

and somehow your words have threatened me.

You were saying something,

And you’ve already changed


You called

And somehow your words have frightened me…

You were saying something

Uninterested, I wasn’t listening


I guess I don’t wanna hear you anymore

So what can I do to stop you from talking?


Sick of you explaining

I’ll do rewinding…

I am not sure how to do it

Sick of all the whining

I’ll be rewinding

And I will be changing things for you

Sick.  Please stop.


I guess.  I guess.  I am sick of you.


2 thoughts on “so sick of you..”

  1. tama ka,,,,,,obviously MACARTUR -BOB ONG BOOK—ill accept consequences—-kindly answer me my last querry—-b4 mo ba gawin yung BOOK—hindi ka nangaliwa o dimoko iniputan?……youll waiting 4 me to do it like ANGELO REYES…..IF NOT TINIGILAN MO NA YAN…..u want it?.

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