This is a letter I wrote to him (too bad he didn’t read this)



I can’t help but to think that we were meant to see each other that very August. Back then, we were both strangers. It’s crazy to think that strangers meet just to be in love. The truth is: I never thought of falling in love with you. I never thought I will be in love with a stranger.

I remember that dark and lonely night. It was at a gig. We met while Incident Report was rocking the crowd. There you were. You chose to talk to me, a stranger. You were making an impression. And yes, you did. You did because you became the most wonderful person I have ever been with ever since that day. You became my life.

Remembering all those time makes me think that we have gone far. But this doesn’t mean we should stop. I want this to last forever. Actually, I don’t want this to last. And I’ll tell you this–Without you, life is meaningless.

This just means that I love you. I love you so much. It’s been two years and six months ever since that day. I can still remember how magical and strange that August night was.

And I can’t wait for March. March is sweet. I remember it was the 31st of March you asked me those words: “Will you be my girlfriend?” It was what I was waiting for. All those months I have been enduring, all those months of waiting really paid off.

Now, I don’t know how to end this letter. I just wanted you to know how I feel, that after all those years, I still here loving you, supporting you, waiting for you.

I love you.



February 28, 2011