I Miss Thee

You are my soul. My part. My life.

The coffee stains are alive

Thru the nakedness on your shirt.

It’s a proof of the love that keeps us.

We are both high in the mountains

And as hot as geysers.

We are floating away now

As we fade in the darkness of the night.

We kiss ‘till it is dawn.

And savor our bodies through the lightness of the sheets

We tangle our lips with sweet words

And we soften our ears with murmurs.

We fell asleep awake with so much affection

That’s an oxymoron I believe.

Now I long for thee.

With much anticipation to your tenderness.

I long for good nights spent

With coffee stains on your shirt.


Published by: nuthin2say

This is the blog of a person who has been won, defeated, won again.. Because life is just like that. Jamie, aka nuthin2say, is a pseudonym. She can be found in other places in the internet, using the online name jhamiefloatie. Her thoughts spewed words that created this blog. This contained her frustrations and victories towards her journey through life. This blog was born circa 2008. Most of the posts are from her teenage years.

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