Have Filipinos forgiven the Marcoses?

Have the Filipinos forgiven the Marcoses?
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I have no against that. I don’t believe much in “History repeats itself” theory, for history creates its own subjects–If History repeats, then that’s coincidence.  I don’t know the Marcoses personally, but I believe they can serve the country well.  I can even remember one of the Marcos’ children (Was it Irene or Aimee?) who criticized GMA for running for 2nd term, even though the then-president swore that she won’t run for the presidency.  That, I believe, is brave enough.  It’s one way of showing the sincerity towards serving their fellow Filipinos.

My mom, who was an activist during the Former President Marcos regime, even told me that she believes that Bongbong Marcos is a good servant of the country. She even labeled Irene and Bongbong as “magagaling” and “matatalino”. Imagine, my mom was an activist before!

Many say that the new generation of voters didn’t know anything about what happened during the Martial Law. I beg to differ. Just earlier in class, we were watching a documentary of the Marcos regime.  History taught in schools was written in textbooks.  Technology even make it clearer because there are audio-visuals in schools, and the internet, who provided more than enough information for the new generation to read and to be informed.

Nevertheless, there are still debates and arguments on why people still voted for the Bongbong Marcos as senator while the irony continues as Noynoy Aquino topped the votes for presidency. (For those who didn’t know, Noynoy’s father, Ninoy Aquino, was the grave political enemy of Bongbong’s father, Ferdinand Marcos.)  What we should be arguing about is Former President Estrada runs 2nd in the presidential polls. (Flashback: He was trialled, impeached, and imprisoned for graft and corruption, and illegal gambling.) Isn’t that more ironic?

Let’s just see what happens next.

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