"Him" | (c) jhamiefloatie2010 | http://www.flickr.com/photos/jhamiefloatie/

I can’t imagine it will be this way. That someone will spare me from the pain of my first love. He dragged me into something more intense, more colorful, more dramatic kind of love. He was there. He was there all along, while I’m waiting for my first love to come back.  I was already feeling something towards him, but I did not commit to it. Instead I rejected that feeling, turned to my past, and not leaving it.
But he was there. He was there standing all along. He was waiting at the door.  And in a split second, I turned to him.  And that feeling aroused deep within me. My heart told me that I should look forward, walk past, and be with this guy who relentlessly walked with me in this darkest age of my life.
I went to him. He stood there. I gripped his hand tightly and told him, “Let’s go.”

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