I just realized.. Hmmmm..

I think I am the “girl all the bad guys want”.


Coz I was linked to these guys:


I knew someone who was in love with me.  He’s nice actually.  He’s a punk and we lasted 6 months.  And no comment. 🙂


And then, a hardcore punk and proud frat member came to me and we became friends.  We talk about certain stuff, and pound some beers at the same time.  We talk about music, mosh pits, and even Star Wars.  He’s this rude type and can be identified by his signature black shirt.


Then I was linked to somebody who’s a metal music enthusiast.  The usual conversations were about music, particularly URBANDUB and other local bands.  We talked about summer slams, Metallica, Pantera, Incubus, Marilyn Manson, and others.  He’s the reason why I came to love Pulp Magazine and Tanduay Rhum *sigh*.


Then I had this friend who is also a frat member and we talk just about everything.  We talk about old school bands and aggressive lyrics of songs and alternative music.  We hang out, watch movies, and go to malls together all by ourselves.  He called me pangga, and I laughed about that.


Then I knew someone from one of the prestigious schools in the country, who is a frat member [although he didn’t admit about it] and a chick magnet.  He even convinced me to drink, without even recognizing his motives.  Hot guy.  Hard guns. Whew! ;))


Then, I met someone in this club, who I think is a “pasaway”. He came to me, we talked a little, and blah blah… I don’t want to give the details.  All I can be sure about this guy is that he was on ecstasy at that moment. 


Another guy who likes me is a friend of my friend who plays guitar, has a permanent band, and drinks every time his friends call him.  He likes Urbandub and Incubus too, and we talked about the most nonsense things [for example, he said he would bite my fingers and I told him he would eat my whole fist].


Uhm, another guy who I think is courting me, [I am not sure of that] has a bad reputation on my friend.  It is because he courted my friend before, and my friend keeps on warning me to stay away to that guy and don’t return his calls.  Okay, that’s harsh, I told her.  But she was firm to what she was saying.  Well, she said that her reputation, personal life, and privacy was almost ruined because of this guy.  She said, he’s harsher than he seems to be.  Oooh.  Creepy.


The truth is, I like guys who are nice, responsible, God-fearing, family-oriented, and most of all, patient. That’s all I want—a guy who can possess all those qualities.   But all I can say is that, I attract bad guys. [Whoa!  What’s with me and why do they like me? I am not a rude girl? Damn.]


Published by: nuthin2say

This is the blog of a person who has been won, defeated, won again.. Because life is just like that. Jamie, aka nuthin2say, is a pseudonym. She can be found in other places in the internet, using the online name jhamiefloatie. Her thoughts spewed words that created this blog. This contained her frustrations and victories towards her journey through life. This blog was born circa 2008. Most of the posts are from her teenage years.

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