This Tuesday.


Whoa.  Malapit na July 15.  Anu kaya gagawin ko?

Hmm..kc tuwing 15th day of the month, gumagala ako..celebration ko yan eh..mag-isa lang ako.. it’s like every month is my birthday, every 15th is my celebrated triumph..that’s why, every 15th, I do special things for myself..

Well, July 15 is very special to me *ahem* and I want to watch movies.  But the thing is.. it’s exams week! KELANGAN KO PA MAG-ARAL!! Damn it.  I really prioritize my studies, so I guess I’ll just move the “date” with myself on another day.  Hmm.. I already had my ticket to URBANDUB’S concert. Yes, my ticket na ako! Maybe, I’ll rock myself hard on July 18! Haha… I’ll enjoy my weekend!

But I really want to do something special this 15..


So maybe I will go to the movies and go back home and study after.. At least that day would still be very special and celebrated :))


1 year.I just want to remember all.


Published by: nuthin2say

This is the blog of a person who has been won, defeated, won again.. Because life is just like that. Jamie, aka nuthin2say, is a pseudonym. She can be found in other places in the internet, using the online name jhamiefloatie. Her thoughts spewed words that created this blog. This contained her frustrations and victories towards her journey through life. This blog was born circa 2008. Most of the posts are from her teenage years.

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